Sensual massage techniques

sensual massage techniques

If you’re looking for some great sensual massage techniques, then you’ve certainly come to the right site. I’ve done lots of research online on these massage tips in an effort to turn my hands into what so many girls have described as “pure magic”.

Ask anyone and you’ll quickly realize if you haven’t already that everybody likes to be touched in a sensual kind of way. Below, I’ve provided some great massage tips you can use to impress that special someone and have them begging for more.

However, if you’re in a hurry and want to know exactly step by step what I used during my research that took me to the next level earning my hands the title of “pure magic” in my little circle of female friends well then

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Sensual massage techniques can be used for anything from calming your partner down from a stressful day at work to getting her in the mood for some intense lovemaking. A sensual massage, (also known as an erotic massage) is a full body massage that helps to relieve the body of tension and stimulates the senses. It also provides an avenue for partners to connect on a physical and mental level by engaging all the senses; particularly that of touch.

 Preparing to put your sensual massage techniques into practice.

When learning how to give a body massage, a lot of people tend to overlook the basics such as taking the time to pick out high quality massage oils and lotions.  Good ones are not absorbed into the skin as quickly thus allowing you to spend more time actually giving that special massage rather than constantly having to reach for your massaging oils. The other thing you really want to be aware of is overly scented massage oils and lotions as they can have a tendency to be overwhelming.

Another important factor is your environment. You want to enhance the effects of your sensual massage techniques in every way you can and you do this by trying to stimulate as many of the human senses as you can all the at the same time. What this means is that you also have to set the scene. I can tell you from experience that ambiance goes a really long way.

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What I always do is put on some calming “mood” soft music to stimulate hearing, dim the lights and turn on some sensual massage techniquesaromatherapy candles to stimulate sight and smell. This gets three of the senses attuned for the” knock out touch” and feel of my superior sensual massage techniques.  I know you might be asking: “What about taste??” Haha… I got you covered. There are edible massage oils and lotions but quite frankly, I don’t worry about them too much.

Executing these sensual massage techniques

We’re dealing with a full body massage which more than likely means it would be taking place in the privacy of a home. Whatever you use – be it a table, bed or couch – make sure your partner is laid on something comfortable (Personally, I always go for the bedroom.)

Use the flat of your palm to spread the oil all over her back with smooth wide strokes. Remember to rub deeply and slowly. You don’t want to knead her body too intensely because you might end up causing discomfort. You want to be continuously sensual and take your time to knead her in a manner that makes her feel like you are willing to give all the time in the world to focus on her.

As you learn to massage, you’ll find that sensual massage techniques typically involve working your way down from the neck to the shoulders. You want to be careful not to squeeze the neck and collarbones too hard as to cause an unwanted choking sensation.

Use your fingertips to work the biceps and triceps while her arms are stretched out. Then work your way further down massaging her back on either side of the spinal cord. Before you move down to the legs, gently tease the bottom of the spine since it has lots of sensitive nerve endings.

To finalize, it’s time to take care of those gorgeous legs. Spend plenty of time here rubbing one section at a time.  Be as sensual and gentle as you can when you get to her inner thighs as this area is extremely sensitive and as sexual as one can get without actually getting in there if you know what I mean.

Lastly, head towards the calves and finish with feet. Don’t spend too much time at the feet because you’ll kill the heightened sexual buzz that was created when you were messing with her thighs. As a result, she’ll get too relaxed and end up being sleepy.

Finishing touches to your sensual massage techniques 😉

sensual massage techniquesIf you follow through with this and do everything the right way, by the time you’re done, I guarantee you that your partner will have given in to the whole experience and will be thinking of a lot more than just your sensual massage techniques. At this point, she’ll be well primed for some highly passionate and orgasmic “finishing touches.” Whatever you choose to do is up to you stud muffin 😉

Pictures speak louder than words. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times before and that’s because it’s true. As you learn how to massage, you may end up reading several massage books and articles but they’ll never be able to explain and demonstrate the way a romantic massage video will. That’s exactly what took my sensual massage techniques to the next level.

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