The Tao of Badass ebook

The tao of badass ebookThe tao of badass ebook is a self-help dating and seduction guide authored by Joshua Pellicer. In it, he teaches men to use tried and tested methods that are proven to create sexual intrigue in women that’s so powerful and compelling.  It is THE book that will empower you with the knowledge that a small percentage of men possess when it comes to dating and attracting women; I’m talking the kind of knowledge and methodology that will literally have you understand certain aspects of women better than they understand them themselves. When interacting with a woman – even if you think you’re an unattractive guy – if you follow the steps to the letter laid out in this book, the resulting effects on her are out of her control; she has to respond.

The Tao of Badass ebook

Here’s a fact: all women go through the exact same process each time they decide to sleep with a guy.

Bottom line is, the tao of badass ebook will teach you how to get laid without using pick up lines that don’t work or having to buy drinks or dinner. You’ll learn about sexual triggers which are secret techniques that bypass all of her barriers and turn her on without her knowledge. It’s like using inception to make her want to sleep with you. Sexual triggers are the cornerstone of unrivaled success with women and the ebook will teach you dozens of these triggers.  Check out this video/webinar to hear some examples of these sexual triggers and get a more in depth explanation of what the ebook is all about and what you’ll get out of it.

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Here’ something else for you to be aware of if you weren’t already. Contrary to what popular opinion and pop culture would lead you to believe, women are not all about going after money, good looks, big muscles etc. Women are actually addictively attracted to pre-selection. The Tao of badass pdf download (the ebook is delivered in pdf format) will show you how to follow a few simple steps that involve using pre-selection to turn on any woman you want. For a more detailed explanation about pre-selection, follow the link above – if you haven’t already – to the video as it also covers the concept behind pre-selection.

“The tao of badass” basically means “the way of the badass.” It’s kind of like a lifestyle in a way of sorts. Essentially, other guys want to be you and women want to be with you.tao of badass

The biggest difference between the tao of badass ebook and many other attraction, dating and relationship guides is that with this, you get useable and practical techniques that you can go out and actually implement.  In addition, you get ongoing support FOREVER as member and LIFETIME access to an exclusive forum of like minded guys who have an interest in improving their success with women. The best part about this is that there is not a month to month fee for the lifetime support and access to the forum.

There are 9 additional bonus products that the author gives away with his primary ebook. The following are some just to mention a few. The rest of the bonuses are covered in the video.

Dating Multiples Report: A complete guide to dating multiple women at the same time and how to have them love you for it without lying, tricking them, cheating or being a “player”. You’ll learn a secret way to eliminate jealousy in any relationship.

Cheat Proof yourself Report: A handy guide that will show you how to make yourself look like the only guy who exists in the world.

Escaping the friend zone: An advanced report that teaches you how to avoid entering the friend zone and how to get out of it if you realize that you’re already in it. Here’s a snippet of what Josh teaches in this section of the tao of badass ebook:

Author audio-bridged commentary: An inside look at the mind of Josh Pellicer and behind the scenes of all the tao of badass ebook methods that will walk you through yet another way of approaching these secrets.

The World Renowned 5-week “Body language Mastery Course”: This course reveals the 5 pillars of sex appeal. Josh Pellicer’s students from around the world agree that this course is the most effective program ever discovered for turning women on without even opening your mouth.

Ever since I started the journey of improving my success with women, I have to say that the Tao of badass ebook is the one weapon that has single handedly revolutionized my whole thinking and approach when it comes to the art of attracting women. I have looked at several courses and read quite a few with the first one I ever read being the Foreverlaid PDF. I learned quite a bit from it and thought it was great at the time considering that I had no knowledge and was clueless around women. Right now however, the tao of badass ebook alongside with everything else that comes with it is by far my number one pick .If  you want to get your hand on it, click on the following link below.

The Tao of Badass ebook.

the tao of badass ebook download


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